Thanks for visiting; I'm Sam, plant-based recipe developer and registered Nutrition & Health Coach. I guide and support clients to develop positive, healthy habits which drive lasting change.  I offer actionable guides to healthy cooking on a budget, reducing barriers to affordable, nutrient-dense foods. Together we find innovative solutions to develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits intelligently and sustainably.

Personalised, evidence-based
dietary changes towards sustainable health¬†ūüĆŅ

I work with clients to build lasting habits that allow eating & cooking to become easy, consistent and automatic

I had so many misconceptions about nutrition, and most people are still confused about what to eat. We’re frequently misled by disinformation spread within the health and wellness industry and nutrition science can be filled with contradictory studies that are rife with flaws and limitations.¬†Nutritional guidance is different. It needs to be based on evidence, but there is plenty of room for diversity. A healthy diet is about much more than calories; we need a wide range of nutrient-dense foods to get all the vitamins and minerals essential for good health, but they can be more expensive. As a result, three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet, even if they spend most of their income on food. ¬†When I see clients I offer personalised, evidence-based and inexpensive dietary changes towards sustainable health.