Plantbased Nutrition

Your food should not be defined by a label but by a set of characteristics that promote health. Add more plants to your plate to upgrade your health.

— Sam —

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Thanks for visiting; I’m Sam, plant-based recipe developer and registered Nutrition Health Coach

I hope to serve anyone who cares deeply about their lifestyle choices or environmental impact through my small space on the internet and social media. Plant-based diets have many benefits, including the management of lifestyle-related chronic illnesses.  I offer actionable guides, positive behaviour support, healthy cooking classes on a budget and nutrition guidance to manage health concerns. Throw in the plant perks, like using fewer resources to produce plants, you have a healthy, sustainable diet for you and the planet. 

Eat more plant foods and less of everything else 🌿

Introducing more plants into your diet will benefit your health and the health of the planet.





It is estimated that 77 billion animals are killed for food each year. But, at what cost? Humans and animals are suffering from environmental collapse, and finally, the evidence is becoming widely accepted. The impact of climate change is negatively affecting mainly poorer countries, putting the health of hundreds of millions of people at risk. To address this problem, eating a plant-predominant diet has consistently offered the greatest environmental protection with huge health benefits. More plant foods added to any given diet will boost nutrition. Discover the incredible power of plants.