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Nutritional guidance & support for health Concerns

Kitchen Cleanse & Organising

I provide shopping lists, recipes: useful handouts and email support. Together we look at your pantry and fridge, organise and restock with healthier choices.

Urban Eco’s services include simple and essential steps to reconfigure your kitchen and other home areas. For more information, go to

Plant-Based Nutrition

Learning about nutrition and how food fuels the body and supports health is  important. During our consultation, I look at your diet and together we find simple and effective strategies that may benefit you. Supplementation To Support A Plant-Based Or Vegan Diet will Be Discussed.​

Each session usually lasts an average of 60 minutes, depending on your needs. Take the first step and book your appointment for better health.

Family Nutrition

Around seventy to eighty per cent of our immune system is located within our gut so a healthy gut is fundamental for optimal health.  Parents can learn the specifics of plant-based diets for childrens’ well being and beyond individual plates, such as caring for our planet and avoiding animal suffering.

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Nutrition and Health 

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